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Cathy's Q &A


Q:  What separates you from other personal trainers?

Cathy:  When somebody hires me, I take it very seriously. Anybody can write a generic program.  Few, however, can create an individualized program designed around a person's needs while feeding their motivation for the long haul.  This is what I call the art of personal coaching.


Q:  Can you expand on the art of coaching?

Cathy:  Everyone, including competitors, are in a constant state of change both physically and mentally.  Stressors both positive and negative are always changing.  This, along with their genetics and motivation, have an effect on their progress, which dictates their programs also be dynamic. The art comes when one is able to motivate and achieve progress despite a client's ups and downs.
Q:  Do you think your Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work helps you in your career in fitness?

Cathy:  Absolutely.  My degree, experience, and God given abilities, allows me to communicate and get through to individuals.  It has honed my ability to educate and motivate others who desire self improvement.  It's easy for almost anyone to be motivated for that first 4-6 weeks on their program.  However, staying motivated for the long haul is a different story.  This is my bread and butter so to speak.  My background helps me to inspire those who feel that they can't.


Q:  What are your goals as an IFBB Pro?

Cathy:  I am going to help set a standard for the women competitors.  I want to prove that a woman with muscle can be feminine, sexy, sensual, as well as intelligent.  More over, I want to show an IFBB pro is marketable to the mainstream.

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