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Rachel Pinti

A coach is defined as "a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer". Inspiration is defined as a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create or create something. A friend is defined as a person who helps or supports someone or something. Fortunately for myself, I have found one person that fits all this criteria.

I first met Cathy at a conference where she and Mike (co-owner of, were speaking about nutrition, training, show prep and overall health. At this point in time, I had a "coach" who was starving me, and running me both emotionally and physically into the ground. I was ready to give up, and no longer had any belief in myself. After meeting Cathy and explaining my situation to her, I instantly knew she understood and could help me. Luckily, she agreed to take me on as her client, and a member of Team
Hardcore Beauty at only 4 weeks out from my first bikini competition.

From switching my workouts and diet, to making sure I was feeling okay, and cheering me on, she knew exactly how to fix me.  Within a week, there was a dramatic difference in both my mental and physical state. I finally felt like I could get on stage, and feel good about myself.

After my first competition, Cathy suggested I compete at a bigger show. I was worried, but I knew I was in good hands, and that if anyone could get me ready for this show it would be her. Through the 6 weeks of my prep, Cathy was there for me from the crack of dawn until the sun went down. She would always text me motivational sayings, and always make sure that I was feeling good, because health is her number one priority. By the end of prep I was feeling better than ever, and ended up placing very well at my first NPC competition. Without Cathy, none of this would have been possible.

Cathy is one of the most genuine, caring people I have ever met. Her passion for this sport is incredible, but her passion and heart to help others is even more amazing. I am truly blessed to call Cathy my coach, inspiration, and friend.

Charlie Houdeshell

The decision for me to compete was one of those, “hey let’s do this competition together. I think it’d be fun” statements by my cousin who was going through some hard times. I said ok, sure, I could definitely do the diet and workout, but I was NOT so convinced about the stage part of it. For me, I am outgoing and fun, but going up on a stage in front of hundreds of people, let alone with minimal clothing on, freaked me out. I was very insecure about myself, especially in a sport that I knew nothing about. I’d been in the gym for probably about 4-5 years, on and off, with my husband whose helped me get to where I am at today, but when I’d look at the girls who’ve competed, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get up on that stage with “those girls” and actually compete against them.

That’s where Catherine came in!! I’ve known her for years and we talked a couple times about diet etc, but because I was pretty much convinced that I couldn’t do it, I didn’t put too much thought into that part of our conversations. I’d always admired Cathy. Her physique is, and always has been amazing. Her attitude and knowledge about this sport just pores out of her, and her passion is contagious. We decided to meet for coffee, and talked at length about competing, diet and posing. I expressed my fears, but she told me I could do it and that she had faith in me. She assured me I would be ready to get on that stage. If she didn’t think so, she would never tell me otherwise. She fully believed in ME! I had just signed on to do a bikini competition with Team Hardcore Beauty! The next 15 weeks flew by. 

She was always texting me to check on me, see how I’m feeling, and send me motivational sayings if I was having a hard time.  The most important thing to her, is your mental, as well as, physical health. For me, the change in my diet was a HUGE adjustment. I’d never weighed my food and I never thought I’d be able to eat as often as she told me, but because she knows her stuff, I was eating the right things and hungry when I should’ve been.

Catherine is one of the most caring, compassionate, loving people I know. She not only helped me feel the confidence I needed to go up on that stage, but truly confident about myself. She is a fantastic Coach and I am so happy I decided to have our coffee date! For my very first competition, I placed 3rd in my Masters division!!! It is still so surreal. 

Julianna Belli

Before I started prepping for my first competition (bikini) I was very insecure, and knew next to nothing about what I needed to do to achieve my goals. I was extremely reluctant to approach anyone about help with competing. I had heard tons of stories of people who barely exchanged words with their coaches aside from their progress updates.

Fortunately a friend of mine sent me to meet with Catherine, who exceeded all my expectations as a coach. Catherine emotionally invests herself in her clients goals, and truly cares about their wellbeing. Mike, co-owner of MindBodyConditioningSystems, also played a major role in my journey as a second voice. These are both people who are truly passionate about what they do and helping others succeed.

Being a part of Team Hardcore Beauty was one of my favorite things about prep. It was so nice to have a team of women all supporting each other throughout the process.  Prep for a competition is very challenging and not something everyone will understand.


Life happens, even when you are dieting. Catherine provided the support I needed throughout the process.  Throughout the good and the bad, Catherine was there for me when I needed her the most.  Catherine helped me find confidence in myself, and find that hard work really does pay off.  With Catherine’s help, not only did I accomplish what I had set out to do, I walked away with an absolutely wonderful experience and memories that will last a lifetime. I will be working with Catherine again and am SO excited!

Lindsey Weller

Cathy proved to be a caring, attentive and knowledgeable coach from the first day I met her. She was always available to answer questions or provide encouragement. In fact, if I didn't talk to her every couple days, she was emailing or texting me to check in and make sure I was not only progressing, but that I was feeling good about everything as well. She frequently asked how I was feeling and truly made the entire experience a very positive one. I also trusted that she would monitor my progress and only make adjustments that were safe, never compromising my health or well being. She knew how to alter my prep to keep getting good results and I achieved a leanness for the competition that I never thought possible.

I couldn't be happier I found her to coach me, especially for my first competition prep. She not only helped me to feel confident on the day of the contest, but to feel more confident and happy in every aspect of my life. She is a great coach and her passion and knowledge of the sport make her capable of coaching anyone that wants to have help leaning out, competing, or improving their life overall!!


Kandace Kuhnle

The decision for me to make a change in my coach was really tough. I was extremely skeptical in search for a new coach. I had had a few people referred to me, and I spoke with a few. They all seemed very knowledgeable but there seemed to be something missing or off. Just didn't feel right.


A friend suggested that I speak to Cathy. We spoke on the phone about our goals, history, and past experiences in competing and I was instantly completely comfortable and trusted her. Her knowledge of the sport and nutrition is amazing and being a competitor herself she can relate and understand all the ups and downs.


There was never, ever a time where I couldn't get a hold of her if I had questions or concerns. She is my coach, when I need her, she is there to comfort and support me. she's also there to give me a good solid kick in the butt if I need that too!


My last show prep with her was a great and enjoyable experience. The changes we made to my physique in just three months were amazing and I cannot wait for the years to come with her and Team Hardcore Beauty!

Ashley Smith

I began competing in 2012 training myself and doing my own diet.  Along the way, I saw how negative some coaches/trainers were, which really turned me off to getting a personal trainer.  Unfortunately, I wasn't making any progress training myself, and started to think about giving up competing.  That's when I met Cathy.  I had seen her working hard in the gym, day in and day out, but had no idea that she trained people.  

Observing her from a distance; I was just drawn to her positive spirit and intensity.  


A few months later, I heard that Cathy was a personal coach, so I approached her, and she took me in under her wing.  I immediately felt comfortable with her. Not only was she very knowledgeable with everything from diet, to posing, to working out, she was most of all caring.  She cared about my mental health along with my physical, because as she explains, they go hand in hand. 


Prior to Cathy, I had never come across a trainer that worked to build me up mentally as well as physically.  Whenever I have failed, I would always say, I got psyched out, or I was nervous and messed up my posing.  But I never did anything about it.  She helped me see that there is a huge mental component to competing.  Their motto says it all, “The body cannot go where the mind is not ready to be.”  


With Cathy as my coach I was able to believe in myself for the first time.  With her in my corner, I brought my body in leaner than ever before this past summer, and it was amazing.  I’m so happy with what she’s done for me that I’ve hired her to do my off season diet to look good year round.  It’s a lifelong change for me.  With her as my coach, I am looking forward to qualifying for nationals, and going for a pro card. So thank you to my coach, I’ve learned, I’ve grown confidence, I’ve grown muscle, and I’ve leaned out:)

Mackenzi Baker

When I first decided to compete, I was going into it alone.  I thought it would not be that hard seeing how I had always ate healthy and enjoyed lifting. However my dad, who works with Mike, suggested that I meet Cathy and find out more information about competing. When we met, I instantly felt comfortable with her because she was not only knowledgeable about the sport, but she was extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I had.


After our meeting, I saw how dedicated and hard working Cathy was.  Knowing how dedicated and hard working I am, I knew she would be perfect as my coach. Throughout the process, Cathy was always there cheering me on. When I would be having a rough day, Cathy would send motivational pictures and was always willing to listen and help with any issue at hand. She became not only my coach but my friend. 


Cathy is someone I know will always be there pushing me to do my best, and will always be there to me pick me up when I am down.  Looking back, I could not imagine doing my competition without Cathy and I am looking forward to doing future shows with her by my side. I am so proud to have her as my coach and to be apart of Team Hardcore Beauty.

Alexandra Piccone

Before meeting and working with Catherine, I had very low self esteem, and a very negative mind. I didn’t know what I was capable of in or out of the gym.  Catherine was a perfect fit for me, because she coaches you both physically and mentally. Working with Catherine has helped me to start believing in myself and I’ve gained the confidence I’ve always lacked. Because of her, I am now a more “well-rounded” individual.


Catherine told me, “I will believe in you, until you start believing in yourself.” That statement hit me hard. With Catherine believing in me, I started to believe in myself and pushed myself to limits I never knew I was capable of.


I always dreamed of competing, and with Catherine’s help I made that dream a reality. I just recently entered my first competition and took first place in my division. Catherine always made sure I was not only physically, but mentally, and emotionally at my best while making this journey in my life.


Catherine is truly an inspiration to me. I can only hope to become half the person she is one day. I highly recommend Catherine as a trainer/life coach, whether it’s to enter the competing world or to just get fit and active.

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